No More Standing Around. Always Free.

Lineapple allows you to electronically get into lines and check into appointments. The app virtually holds your place in line so you can shop, play, run errands, or experience local savings nearby while you wait.

Lineapple eliminates
in person waiting! Lineapple allows you to virtually get into a physical line at a desired business. This allows you to be able to leave and do other activities while electronically still in line. No more standing around.

Lineapple allows you to
find places by location and
see their current wait in real-time.
Tap “Current Location” to see all the wait times near you! You’ll never have to go around to multiple places again!

Lineapple can be used anywhere you wait, not just Restuarants. No need to download a new app for every situation. ONE APP for everywhere you wait. Download Lineapple today!
wait deals

Have you ever thought,
“I have better things to do”? Lineapple gives you a way to cash in on great deals nearby while you’re waiting. Lineapple also has estimates of how much time it takes to use a deal so you can make
it back in time.


line apple explainedResearchers have agreed that in 70 years, the average person spends at least 3 years waiting. If I told you 360 million+ people could spend an extra three years of 24hr days shopping, playing, and discovering in their area would you be intrigued, we know everyone would. That’s why we created this app and that’s why responsible businesses and medical centers use it to help you get back to the things you LOVE.

Line apple explainedLineapple is a smartphone application that manages waiting. If you go to a restaurant they hand you a buzzer. If you go to a doctor’s office they write your name down and ask you to sit and read a magazine. Most retailers require you to just hunt for the shortest of the long lines. Lineapple allows businesses to notify their clients on-the-go; no matter where they are. Through the Lineapple mobile app businesses can alert users when they are ready for them. No desktop computer with internet is needed! Both Businesses and Users can do everything directly from their phone.

Lineapple Explainer Video

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