Lineapple allows you to wait in line with your phone instead of in person.

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Why Use Mobile Waiting

by Lineapple

Easily hold your spot in line with your smartphone so you can GO. No More Standing Around. Free for Visitors. Finally you can get back to the things you love.


Avoid Lines & Waits

Lineapple allows you to virtually get into a physical line at participating businesses. This allows you to be able to leave and do other activities while electronically still in line with your position held. No more standing around.


Find Skippable Lines by Your Geo-Location

Lineapple allows you to find skippable lines by location and see what your estimated wait will be in real-time. Tap “Current Location” to see all the wait times around you or use any of the 5 search methods.


Wait with Friends

You can wait in groups or by yourself. Maybe a friend wants to run a errand before you meet up now you can both see the group's wait. Finally the technology you have been waiting on :-) is here.

Getting in Line is Easy On Lineapple

* available at participating locations

Revolutionary Technology from Lineapple

Lineapple's Patent Pending Technology is built to scale. The technology is also designed to be used on-the-go. It is the first and most advanced mobile queue management software available. Built for everyone using the Laws of Simplicity.

Use for FREE

It is FREE to join a line and wait virtually. Your favorite brands & businesses pick up the tab so you can get back to the things you love. Tell them Thanks!!

Convenient for You

You can add yourself to the long line or waiting list from your mobile phone. You may join a line while you’re a short distance from the business or inside it. How far or close you must be to line up is decided by the business.


1000's of Lines In Your Pocket

Thousands of lines are now at your fingertips when you download Lineapple. You can find lines for entertainment, shopping, events, medical, and more in a few seconds.

No More Wasting Time & Crowds

How many times have you arrived at an event or business only to be waiting in a crowded line or wait area? Lineapple lets you bypass the crowds and the lines, and get back to the things you love. Lineapple has built the first ever wait search engine.

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Quick FAQs

Lineapple is super easy to use. Here are the answers to questions others have had before they downloaded.

Yes and No. Yes you do need access to get into the app. If you have Facebook then a click of a button and you are in. No forms to fill out. If you don't use Facebook then you must sign up for a Lineapple Account but hey, it's FREE! If you are a business click the link at the top of the page to see how we can help you.
The business user will call you and you will be alerted through your phone (applause sound, flashing light, and a notification message that the business has called you). You will also receive a countdown timer showing how many minutes you have to return to the business. The amount of time the business gives you to return back to the business is indicated in the 'My Line' Details view. If you have been exited because you even exhausted your countdown timer to return you can go to profile and click the 'line history' tab. The business may on occasion still honor your place. The best way however is to chat with the business and let them know your situation in advance.
There is no limit to how far you can be away from the business. You will continue to receive updates on your position in line if you have signal. Please be aware of your return time. That is how much time you will have after called to return. Please do not go so far away that you can not reasonably get back.
Lineapple is an app. We are a mobile first company. This product was designed to be used by moving people and the best way to do that is on an app in your pocket.
No. The only people who can see you are in a line are authorized employees and admins. Even an employee can not see every lines' data. The employee must be authorized for a line by management. If Waiting with Friends (Group Waiting) the friends in the group may see each others picture in 'Line Details' screen. This is so a group of friends can see who is in their group. This is not seen by the public.

Download the Lineapple App

Lineapple is a smartphone application that manages waiting. If you go to a restaurant they hand you a buzzer. If you go to a doctor’s office they write your name down and ask you to sit and read a magazine. Most retailers require you to just hunt for the shortest of the long lines.

Lineapple allows businesses to notify their clients on-the-go; no matter where they are. Through the Lineapple mobile app businesses can alert users when they are ready for them. No desktop computer with internet is needed! Both Businesses and Users can do everything directly from their data enabled portable device.

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How to Get in Line

You can select by current location which will display the line closest to you. Click the arrow to see additional lines. You can also search by business name, category, qr code or line name. If you don't see any lines there may not be any in your area, or they are all set to private. For private lines you must search by line name only.

If you would like to recommend a business email us at info@lineapple.com.
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