What is Lineapple for Business?

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Lineapple Technology allows you to offer mobile waiting to reward your at-location visitors. Mobile Waiting lets your valued customers save their turn with a tap on their smartphone. That way they can get back to the things they love.

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Improve Customer Engagement

Everyone wants more time. Everyday Airlines use the priority waiting perk with much success. Now you can bring it to your location using our patent pending technology.

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Decrease Long Waits

Improve customer experience, avoid congestion risk, and reduce complaints. A M.I.T. Study has shown three years of your life is spent waiting.

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Increase Revenue

Keep your visitors occupied in revenue producing activities not re-considering current ones. We work in all industries and with all business sizes to help you grow.

Why Use Lineapple ?

As companies grow, wait times inevitably increase. This can create unhappy customers and loss of revenue when those customers decide to go else where. Can you afford for your most loyal & valuable customers to walk away?

87% of customers said they wanted to avoid waits, even if it meant using additional technology. Even more said they valued their time over money. Most companies have no process in place to manage customer waiting, and those that do, have tended to do it manually at a significant economic cost and reputational risk until now.

Lineapple has developed an easy-to-use location-based mobile platform for wait management. The highly automated system takes information from multiple app using visitors and shows you targeted data to help you manage virtual lines and waiting customers from your personal or corporate portable device.

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How Can Line Skipping Technology Be Used?

Lineapple Technology is for companies who recognize they need a great at-location experience for their customers. Lineapple App provides a Line Skipping program, much like airlines use that rewards and delights users by respecting that people value their time over money.

Who wouldn't want to skip lines, or long waits for being a valued customer? Whether you are a barber, a major university, or a Fortune 500 Retailer your customers want to get back to the things they love. Wait rewards can be offered to regulars, credit card holders, reward club members, or all your visitors! It is a great addition or primary Loyalty Program option.
Do your customers have to wait to talk to a specialist, a product to be finished or a register? Then using Lineapple as a Mobile Buzzer is a great way to increase customers. Lineapple will also end the following problems if you currently use buzzers:
  • Buzzers High Overhead Cost
  • Limited or No Advanced Data
  • Buzzer Repairs/Replacement
  • Limited Customer Communication
  • Over Crowding
  • Even if your operation is efficient it could still lead to crowding because visitors have no choice but to hover and wait in one place. Lineapple is perfect for dispersing large crowds to a manageable flow.
    Lineapple has partnered with NCR to create the first ever line abandonment technology for brick & mortar stores. Currently management doesn't know who is in their stores and they don't know who abandons their lines. We help you re-engage those visitors with targeted messaging.
    If your phone dies NO text message for you! Lineapple data moves with your username. Just log in on another device and you're back in business. Lineapple is also cheaper than sms, provides better ability to know your customer, and has many other advanced features that make it a much superior option for wait management usage.

    Download the Lineapple App for Business

    Lineapple is a smartphone application that manages waiting. If you go to a restaurant they hand you a buzzer. If you go to a doctor’s office they write your name down and ask you to sit and read a magazine. Most retailers require you to just hunt for the shortest of the long lines.

    Lineapple allows businesses to notify their clients on-the-go; no matter where they are. Through the Lineapple mobile app businesses can alert users when they are ready for them. No desktop computer with internet is needed! Both Businesses and Users can do everything directly from their data enabled portable device or using our api's.

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    You offered discount coffee. You offered reward points that they never used. You offered them discounts they would have gotten anyway. Now offer them something you know they want...to BeFree(tm).

    Get Started with Lineapple!

    Nothing is worth more than time to your customers and to your business!

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    • 1 Virtual Line (at once)
    • 300 Linees
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    Standard Plan

    99$ Month/Loc.

    • 1-10 User(s)
    • Free Line Design
    • 3 Lines
    • 900 Linees
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    Enterprise Plan

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    • 10+ Authorized Users
    • Free Line Design
    • 10 Lines
    • Unlimited Linees
    • 1,000 Messages per location
    *LOC.- Per Location
    Questions? Call (800)380–7997 to speak to a member of our team.

    All refund request should be submitted in writing 20 business days prior to billing cycle. All refund request are subject to review and declination.